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'Kiss and Tell' by Alyssa (a tale from ToT)

'Kiss and Tell'
By Alyssa

I definitely didn’t feel quite like myself that night, that’s the one thing of which I was certain. Annissa had guaranteed that I would be out of my comfort zone with the complete package of makeup, hairspray, and the works. 'I feel… stupid. Painted on,' I complained, looking at myself in the mirror. Annissa smiled, and continued her reign of terror on my barely feminine features.

When she was finished, she stepped back to admire her masterpiece, and grinned, her smile lighting up her soft face. 'Voila,' she stated, and then motioned to the mirror. I gaped at the reflection, not sure at what point I had disappeared and this girl had infiltrated my body. What had happened to my choppy, boyish brunette hair that hung in loose layers by my ears? I was not used to pastel barrettes and hair gel. My comfortable farming clothes, required for climbing up those pesky rainbows and removing the crusty mud that comes about with the mid-spring’s rain from my millk cow Cerylia's foot, had been replaced with a glamorous dress, the color matching the crimson tint of my lips. Even my comfy sneakers had been swapped for a pair of elegant pumps. I calculated my appearance for about three seconds, and then whirled around in a panic to face my good friend. 'I can’t do this. I look ridiculous! Chase will see right through me.'

'Relax, Angela. You look gorgeous, thanks to me, and Chase will love it. Remember, confidence is the biggest aphrodisiac.'

Annissa always seemed so poised and composed. She should be the one going on this stupid date, laughing and making small talk with Chase, the culinary protégée. I needed to stay home with my livestock and crops, where I belonged.

'Relax,' Annissa continued, repeating herself. 'You’ ll be fine. He liked you well enough when he asked you to lunch, and then he asked you out again? That’s not pity, hon, that’s affection. Now, go knock ‘im dead.'

On my way to the Brownie Ranch, I had to lock my hands in front of me to prevent myself from scrubbing the makeup off of my face, because after that, I would probably take off running in the other direction. I didn’t know why I was so nervous. I really liked Chase, and he seemed to be interested in any exchange we ever held. (Not that those conversations contained much substance: I was more concerned with forming words than what I was actually saying). I bit back my fear and just kept putting one foot in front of the other until my feet grazed the lush grass of the ranch. I hurried along to Alan’s Tree, hoping desperately that the family who lived in the house nearby wasn’t glancing out of their window by chance.

As I walked up to the tree, I spotted a dark silhouette, sticking out sharply in the fading sunlight. Shyly, I hesitated, but only for a moment. Chase turned around, and spotting me, waved boyishly, which made me smile. He met me about five feet away from the tree.

'Hey,' he said, grinning at me. I smiled weakly back at him, mentally cursing myself. Why, why, why can’t I form words??? In the vanishing sunlight, I could see him frown, and my heart skipped a beat. He leaned over, and then gently rubbed the color off of my cheeks and lips.
'Ah, there’s my Angela,' he said softly.

I groaned. 'Sorry. I made the mistake of telling Annissa about our little convene.'

He laughed, then, to my surprise, he grasped my hand, and led me up to the tree.

'Please, please, please, Harvest Goddess, do not let my hands be sweaty!' I prayed silently. As we reached the tree, Chase did not release my hand as I expected (actually, I expected him to grimace at me, shake off my grime, and then bolt). Instead, he reached for my hand and smiled at me, this time his expression mirroring how I felt- bashful and awkward.

'Goddess, you’re beautif-,' he interrupted himself and ducked his head.

I cocked my head. 'Wha-?'

'Just… never mind.' He blushed, and I could feel myself smiling at his sweet uncertainty.

'Listen, Angela… I can’t think of any way to tell you this, so I’m just going to say it, okay?' I nodded, my brow creasing, but motioned for him to continue.

'Um. I’ve never done this before, so bear with me, all right? OK, so, I’ve been back at this town for…what, a year? All the time that I spent away, the only thing I ever fell in love with was food. I thought that nothing else in the world could be so intricately complex, and as…perfect as a recipe. And then I met you, and all that changed.' He sighed, and then started again. 'Angela, what I’m trying to say- very poorly, but trying all the same- is that—I think I’m in love with you.'

My breath caught in my throat. I fumbled urgently for words, horrified to be rendered completely speechless. He cleared his throat, obviously crushed by my lack of reciprocation.

'I- I mean, that’s just me, so… I totally understand if…you know, you don’t feel the same…' he muttered, looking at his feet.

'No!' My voice was back! Now, to patch this situation up… 'Chase, I- I love you, too.'

My face heated up, and he grinned ear to ear. 'I- that’s great! We love each other!'

I laughed, and he pulled me into a tight hug that lasted much longer than a normal one. Then, he brought his perfectly featured face to mine, and kissed me, a sweet and lingering kiss that would have brought me to my knees had he not been holding me still.

To this day, with my two children and wonderful husband (you can probably guess the lucky guy, ha ha), I still smile at the memory of innocent love, and the incredible, flourishing relationship that blossomed out of our encounter at Alan’s Tree that Summer night.

Based on the event:
Chase’s Confession
Tree of Tranquility

Note from Freyashawk: This charming tale was sent to me by Alyssa for publication on my fan fiction page on Christmas Day, 25 December 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Harvest Moon Prank Calls' by Mars Frog

The following piece was written by Mars Frog, a veteran Harvest Moon player and fan:

Harvest Moon Prank Calls
Today several random locations received a call from an anonymous caller who seemed to be confused with the number he was using... The following conversations were recorded:


"Hello, this is Sunny Island Animal Store."

"... What?"


"Is Taylor there?"

"I'm sorry who?"

"Taylor! He sells seeds!"

"... We don't sell seeds here, sir."

"... But this is his number ..."

"Um, no sir ... you must've dialed wrong."

"No ... this is his number! Where is he!?"

"There's no one by the name of Taylor here sir."

"LIAR! That little brat owes me fifty-five bags of cabbage seeds!"


"... and an eggplant."

"Sir, where are you?"

"Waffle Island."

"...Well, that's halfway across the globe..."

"... What's your point?"

***Line gets cut***


"G'day! This is the Perch Inn! How can we help ya today?"

"... What happened to the lady?"


"The lady of the animal store?"

"Um... I think you have a wrong number."

"This is the same number!"

"... Well son, this is the number for the Perch Inn ... so, not sure what to tell ya there."

"Nevermind, just give me Taylor."

"I'm sorry, who?"


"Taylor? ... I don't have any employees named Taylor here."

***background voice*** "You don't have any employees uncle..."

"Who was that?"

"Ah, that was just my niece being a smartpants."

"Look, I don't care what he's told you - just put him on!"



"There's no Taylor here!"


"Ok, I'm sorry sir ... but I don't think I can help you - have a good day."

"You son of a -"

***Line cuts out***


"He -"


"Excuse me!?"


"Hello? Who is this!?"

"... Is Taylor there?"

"Taylor? This is Mayor Thomas of Flower Bud. Who are you?"



"What's he paying you people..."





"I think you really need to calm down..."

***hangs up***

Further investigation into this incident revealed a young child by the name of Taylor redirecting phone calls to his shop to random individuals as a funny prank. Police discovered this after the boy called for 911 and was found being strangled by a young farmer. The attack lasted nearly half an hour until the farmer finally fell unconscious after 70 tranquilizers. No one was too seriously injured.

***This incident brought to you by the screwy phone system in ToT***

Saturday, February 9, 2008

'My BIGGEST Mistake Ever' by Elli (by Freyashawk)


'My BIGGEST Mistake Ever' by Elli
Written by Freyashawk

When people think of Karen, they immediately think of fun and romance. She's every one's idea of the most beautiful girl any one could imagine. She loves poetry and long walks along the beach. What might come as a surprise to some one who doesn't know her well is the fact that she can drink any man under the table! Don't make the mistake of thinking that she isn't serious when she needs to be though. She basically runs the Supermarket for her father Jeff. If it weren't for Karen, that business would have been bankrupt by now. Jeff is the sweetest, kindest man in the world but he can't stand up for himself. It is Karen who makes certain that all the bills are paid.

In fact, if you think Karen's ability to drink huge amounts of alcohol isn't a useful skill, think again! She was able to win a bet with Duke to force him to pay his bar tab by besting him in a drinking contest. Jeff was too cowed by Duke to demand his rights. Duke is a bully, but Karen won't let ANY ONE bully her!

When any one thinks of Mary, they immediately think of books. She is the librarian here in Mineral Town and she is a successful novelist as well. Mary is extremely intelligent. It runs in the family, you know. Her father is a famous botanist and has written many academic books. Mary doesn't write that sort of book, although she could if she wished. Mary knows more about every subject under the sun than any girl I ever met, but she writes mysteries. Both Mary and her father Basil have won awards for their books.

Ann has earned the reputation of being a tomboy because she won't wear frocks and hates jewelry and make-up but she actually is quite feminine. She is a marvelous cook and dreams of the day when she can have children and a family of her own.

Popuri is childish but that is part of her charm. She is the only girl our age who visits all the houses and farms on Pumpkin Day to beg for sweets! For all her childlike enthusiasm, however, she wants to be taken seriously. She resents her brother Rick sometimes for treating her like a child and always was determined to prove that she could run the Poultry Farm singlehanded. She now has her chance in Forget-Me-Not Valley.

That leaves me. When people think of me, they usually feel sorry for me. I wish they wouldn't, but it's 'poor Elli'. 'Elli makes so many mistakes'. 'Elli has to take care of her grandma and her younger brother.' 'Poor Elli never has time to have fun...'

Yes, I have made a few mistakes, but who hasn't? And by the way, one of the BIGGEST mistakes is named after me. It's called 'Elli Leaves'. Elli Leaves are made from every mistake you possibly could make in cooking. Put them all together and you create a medicine that is better than any other! There wouldn't be any 'Elli Leaves' at all if it weren't for the mistakes I made.

Even so, I wish I didn't make so many mistakes. I try to be like Dr. Trent, who never makes ANY mistakes in medicine. He devotes his entire life to the pursuit of science and healing. I admire him tremendously but I do wish sometimes that he would devote a little time to romance. He is the most handsome man in the world and the most dedicated.

He wants to prove that negative ions can work better than any medical potion but after years of working by his side, he gave his negative ion machine to Freya! I love Freya like a sister, but why, o why did Trent do that? Surely he knows how much I appreciate his work.

I suppose I should tell you about my most recent mistake, although I'd like it to remain a deep, dark secret if I could. Dr. Hardy seems to know about EVERYTHING that happens in the Valley, though, even when he isn't there. I wonder if that eye of his is all-seeing! He knew about Hugh and the explosion even before he walked through the door of the Clinic again.

It was the first time I'd been left alone to 'man' the Clinic in Forget-Me-Not Valley. I was so excited and pleased! Freya came round to visit and unfortunately, she is part of my BIG mistake. In fact, if I weren't a nice person, I suppose I could say that the BIG mistake really was HER fault. She was the one who chose the bottle, but Dr. Hardy is right: it WAS my responsibility and I shouldn't have involved what he calls 'amateurs'...

Hugh had scraped his knee and wanted to be fixed up. He is always cutting or banging himself, far more than my brother Stu ever does. Stu is more likely to eat or drink something that disagrees with him than he is to injure himself physically. I think it's because of his parents that Hugh is so completely PHYSICAL. They actually have a series of 'Projects' from A to Z to train him as an athlete. Wally and Chris are obsessed with the idea of Hugh becoming a world-class athlete. I wonder what they would have done if he had been bookish! Poor Hugh... I kind of feel sorry for him sometimes. Kate is the only other kid in the Valley and she has a very mean streak. She is mean to every one, even her own father! She'd probably say it is because she doesn't have a mother, but Stu and I lost our parents at an early age and I think it made me more compassionate. I hurt so badly that I don't want any one else to hurt the way I do. I suppose that's part of the reason I always wanted to be a nurse. I can't stand the thought of any one in pain. My Grandma is in pain all the time. Her legs ache so and there doesn't appear to be any cure for it. I don't think the pain is the worst part for her though. I think it's the fact that she can't walk now. She used to love to take long walks in the mountains, but now she only has her memories. One day, I'm going to arrange a picnic for her by the Lake. I know that Saibara would be thrilled to be allowed to help carry her to the Lake. He fancies her, you know, although he would die rather than let any one else know THAT. It's too bad old people are so shy when it comes to their feelings. Sai and my Grandma could be happy together, but they're both too proud to really do anything about it!

Anyway, that's not part of THIS story. This story is about the terrible explosion in Dr. Hardy's Clinic.

Here's what happened.

As I said before, Freya came round to visit. Dr. Hardy had been called out on some sort of an emergency and had insisted on taking Trent with him. I offered Freya some tea, but before we could sit down to enjoy it, Hugh arrived with a scrape on his leg.

Hugh: I fell down a second ago when I was running... I scraped my leg.
I said, 'Oh, that's terrible. You need some medicine. Will you help me, Freya?'

Freya nodded. The real reason I asked her to help me is because I didn't want her to be bored. I was trying to include her so she wouldn't leave...

I told her: 'This shelf has medicine. Grab some and I can mix it.'
I go to the back shelf.

What I didn't realise was that there were three different types of medicine on that shelf. There was a Yellow Bottle, a Green Bottle and a Red Bottle. Freya brought me the Red Bottle.

I said, 'Thank you. All right. I'll make it now.'

I mixed the medicine and suddenly saw it sparkle. In fact, we all noticed it sparkling and wondered what it might mean.

Well, we found out soon enough! There was a blinding flash of white light and a terrific explosion. I thought the world was coming to an end or at least that the house was tumbling down about our ears, but in fact, there was only a little black spot afterwards on the table. (I tried to cover it with a pretty white cloth I brought to the Valley the next Wednesday, but Dr. Hardy wouldn't allow it.. He said I should be reminded always of the dangers of making mistakes in medicine! He can be very strict but he is the best doctor I ever knew and I am privileged to be allowed to study with Trent. After all, I'm only a nurse and never went to medical school like Trent.)

The three of us were stunned and shaken by the explosion.

I exclaimed: 'That was shocking...'

Hugh: Wah... I'm going home!!

After he left, I said to Freya: 'I can't believe that happened...'

I was hoping that we could sit down to a nice cup of tea to calm our nerves before the others returned but:

The door slammed and:
Hardy: I'm back.
Trent: I'm back.

I said, 'Oh, welcome back.'

I then tried to deflect the conversation away from OUR day by asking, 'How was the patient?'

Hardy: It was no big deal. No need to worry. Hugh left in quite a hurry. Did something happen?

As I remarked, Dr. Hardy appears to have his eye on EVERYTHING.

I began to explain: 'He scraped his leg so, I was going to put medicine on it, but it exploded...'

Hardy: E-Exploded?!
Trent: How in the world did that happen?
I told them: 'It happened when I mixed the medicine that Freya gave me...'

Hardy: You're not supposed to let amateurs help you. Be more careful.
Trent: Good grief...

And I found myself saying once again as on so many other occasions: I'm very sorry. I'll be more careful.

Before Freya left, she spoke to the others. I could hear the conversation:

Trent: Hm, it's no good...
Hardy: What kind of medicine is this?

Indeed, what kind of medicine WAS that and what was it doing on the shelf in the first place? Why would Dr. Hardy need a substance that would explode like that? But I wouldn't dare ask...

I guess I must be one of the unluckiest girls in the world. I get into so much trouble and I never mean any harm to any one! Look at the Witch Princess and how much mischief she makes and she never suffers for it! I try to do what's right always and yet I cause more damage than most mischief-makers. Oh well, I'm not going to give up, no matter what other people may think of me. I am going to be the best nurse in Mineral Town and the Forget-Me-Not Valley. And you know something else? I am going to discover a cure for my Grandma and help her walk again. And even if I can't do THAT, I am going to make her life better by organising a surprise picnic for her next week. I'll talk to Saibara about it. I have to be very careful not to let him know that I know his secret! I'll just tell him that I'm asking him because he's so strong. Blacksmiths have to be very strong, so he would be the natural choice for some one to help. I'll ask Gotz too, because then Sai won't feel so self-conscious about it.

Don't you think that's a good idea? See, I'm not completely useless. And no one ever will forget that I'm the one who invented 'Elli Leaves'. As they are named after me, they CAN'T forget that I did make one contribution to medicine!

Recipe for Elli Leaves:

Turbojolt XL
Bodigizer XL
Failed No Tool Dish
Failed Mixer Dish
Failed Frying Pan Dish
Failed Steamer Dish
Failed Oven Dish
Failed Pot Dish

Elli's Big Mistake based on Elli's 200 FP Event at Hardy's Clinic, experienced on a sunny Wednesday, 9 Summer of the 1st Year at 9.30 a.m.
The story refers to the Doctor's Blue Heart Event in MFoMT as well, experienced in Freya's first year on Tuesday, 24 Spring at 11.40 a.m.

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Flora and My Crazy and Weird Stalker by Natalie

Flora: My Crazy and Weird Stalker
by Natalie

Finally! What a beautiful Tuesday morning! Joshua just gave me my favourite Rainbow Curry. Yum! I wonder what I will make the Professor tonight...? Hmmm.... I will give him a surprise Curry Rice meal! Today is my day off from work. As usual,my routine starts at the Bridge, looking at the cute fishies. Afterwards, I go to the Inn and finally I go to the Goddess Spring.

Well, I just saw a very large fish at the Bridge! I wish I could afford a fishing rod! I might have been able to make a curry meal from it for the Proffessor!

At the Inn,I got a warm welcome from Ruby and ate her fabulous cooking. Mmmm!Yummy! But her cooking is no match for mine! My cooking is the best!....I think!
Now it's 4:00pm. I'm going to head to the Goddess Spring. I love this place! It's so beautiful and I usually am by that big tree near the Spring. Let me go take a look at the Spring water. It's so sparkly!
'Today I meet a beautiful maiden hehehe!Ahh,that Flora hits me every time,' Daryl sneakily says. 'I shall claim her beauty! Ahhh,I can smell her fragrance of beauty on the floor!!! Hehehe! WAUGH!!!!!'
'Flora....she left!!!!! UGH!!!! Let me take a look by the Spring Lake. She's not here!She's vanished! WAUGH!!!' Daryl freaked out.
'Hey you! You,you STALKER! Stop stalking me! I may not look tough but I am more than it looks! I'm gonna beat you up if you get closer! I hate people who scare me and lie to me!' I shouted to Darryl.
'WAUGH! Flora! NOOOOO! I am your Prince in shining armour! I have come here to claim your beauty! Let me just get closer and get a little smooch...' Darryl exclaimed
'Ha! I told you I'm tougher than I look. Now you're beat up in wounds! That's what you get for spying on me you madman, crazy, wacky, weird scary stalker! DONT GET NEAR ME EVER AGAIN DARYL! Thinking I would like YOU! PLEASE!' I announced.
I beat him! Ha! I knew I had what it takes! I warn people about me and they never take me seriously! I may look nerdy and innocent and sweet, but I am a tough dansel in distress deep inside!
'Baby! Why did you do this to me???! WHY!!!!!! MY LOVE! I SHALL CLAIM YOU ONE DAY! YOU WILL SEE! THAT CARTER WILL BE NO MATCH FOR ME!' Daryl vowed.
Yeah,in his dreams! I headed for the Tent.
I told the Proffessor what happened. He just laughed in front of my face! Well,as a surprise...CURRY RICE!
'Okay then. Pay me 1000G each 2 hours!' I reasoned
'Okay! Thank you for understanding me!' Carter thanked me
'Well since you said Curry Rice, I will make you from now on.....ULTIMATE CURRY!!!!'
I trapped him! Now I am getting paid and cook whatever I want and see him SUFFER!
I have both the brains and the strength! WOOO me! And people call ME weak!Hahaha!


Note by Freyashawk: This event occurs both in the original HM DS and HM Cute for DS.
Story by Natalie, based on Flora's Event with Daryl, when you exit Sprite Company Tree on Tuesday

Keira's Event after Marriage by Natalie

The following story was written by an 11 year old Harvest Moon fan named Natalie. It is based on an event that will occur only if you marry Keira the Sleeping Beauty in the original 'boy' version of HM DS. In Natalie's game, her character was named Joshua. In Harvest Moon Cute, you can propose 'Best Friend' status to any of the Magical Girls instead of marrying a bachelor. I have yet to confirm this event, however, in HM Cute... but I would expect it to be included as it is an important event, giving the history of Keira.

Wow,my new life begins today! I just got married to my true love Joshua.

Today is Winter 27, the day after my birthday. Can you believe he proposed just in time to get married on my birthday as a surprise?

From the moment I met him, I knew he was the guy I would fall in love with.

I decided to take a stroll since Joshua was working. I thought I would go ahead and make some friends.

I started by the Villa. The family that lives there seemed awfully nice.
As I walked to the Villa, I became a little curious about the small Hut by the Villa. It looked so gray,dull and abandoned. I didn't want to go there today because today I wanted to make friends.

I came home at 9:00pm from meeting everybody and trying to communicate with them.
Joshua was a little mad with me but he told me he was only worried.

I woke up the next morning on a rainy Winter 28. Joshua wasn't home and that was odd because he always gives my favourite,Golden Lumber, every morning.

When I stepped outside, I saw him going to the Main Pathway. I guess he was done from work.

I hope he's not going out with anyone! Especially that flirt Muffy. She's very nice but I think she flirts with guys more than I try to communicate with the world!!!

I went ahead and followed him. He turned to the Villa! Lumina...that pretty girl lives there. I guess he's gonna flirt with her. Even though I can't talk I will show her!

When I reached the Villa gardens, I saw him. He wasn't going to the Villa at all. Instead, he opened the door to the Hut. I peeked through the window to see what was happening.
Some ugly haired girl was in there. I hope she's not flirting with him!

She was talking to him! It's time I make my move!

I barged in the door. Since I couldn't talk, I showed them a way to say what was going on.

'Oh hey! You're that Keria princess I sealed up LONG ago,' the girl said.
'Hey can't you talk? Boy,THATS convenient...I guess I will make you talk,' she said and spread some powder around me! I got to talk again at last!

'Hey you there, how do you know me???' I asked the mysterious girl.

'You don't remember?Anything?' she asked me.

'No,I don't,' I replied angrily

'You called me evil, brought everyone from your village and attacked my home!' she angrily explained. 'So to punish you, I sealed you in that cave. After a while, I planned to let you go, but I forgot, I'm sorry! I feel awful for this!'

I got very mad when she said that sarcastically! It seemed that she noticed my anger.

'Im sorry,' she apologised.

I thought of forgiving her. I had a reason I wanted to say, but also because her memory is worse than Muffy trying to memorize the ingredients Griffin tells her to!

'It's okay,' I said, forgiving her.

'What? How come?' she questioned me.

'If you hadn't sealed me up, I wouldn't have fallen in love with Joshua...' I explained.

I faced Joshua and gave him a small kiss. I knew the real reason was that thanks to her, I fell in love and got married.

Uh oh, I tried speaking! Well, it was nice hearing my voice again. I guess it was only for a while though.

' disgusting, Love is so yuck!' the girl said with revulsion.

After that we went home. Joshua explained she was the legendary Witch Princess. And..he explained he would never flirt when he was married and not for that, but he really loved me. He gave me a good night kiss and we went off to bed.
Story by Natalie, based on Keira's event with the Witch Princess after your character's marriage to Keira.

Friday, February 1, 2008

'My Worst Day Ever' by Popuri

Two events experienced in Harvest Moon Cute DS prompted the following short story by Popuri of Mineral Town. In Popuri's own words:

My Most Worst Day Ever
by Popuri

I always wanted to be taken seriously, you know. In the old days, in Mineral Town, my brother Rick wouldn't let me do anything important. My Mum and brother and I run the local Poultry Farm in Mineral Town. I grew up loving chickens and everything to do with chickens. Rick loves them too. I think my Mum wouldn't have been involved with the business at all except that she had to take charge when my father left.

My Mum isn't well, you know. She is very pretty and fragile and very romantic. She still hopes my father will return someday. Zack is madly in love with her but he hasn't a chance really because of that.

Anyway, Rick is in charge of the Poultry Farm really in Mineral Town but he has given me the chance to run the business we have in Forget-Me-Not Valley. So now I am in charge! I get to take all the orders for chickens and ducks and I am in charge of the Festivals too! I decided I should visit the Valley on my day off every week so that the people there would get to know me and because Takakura promised to teach me how to run the business.

So you can find me in the Valley every Sunday now. Of course, when I decided to visit the Valley every Sunday, Rick decided he had to tag along to spy on me! I hate that about my brother. He's really a sweet guy at heart but he is so interfering and he doesn't like Kai at all. I am mad about Kai and I definitely am going to marry him one day, no matter what my brother says or does to try to stop me.

There's another reason to go to the Valley in the Summer. Kai has opened a new stall on the beach there. He stays at the Inner Inn all Summer now. When Rick and I go to the Valley on Sunday, we stay at the Inner Inn too. Well, there isn't much choice. It's the only place that takes guests but even if there were others, I don't think any one would choose to stay anywhere else. The food at the Inner Inn is fantastic. Ruby is the best cook ever. In fact, Ann from Mineral Town is studying cooking with Ruby. Ann goes to the Valley on HER day off to visit Ruby and learn how to cook. If you visit the Valley, you will see that almost every one from Mineral Town will be there on one day or another! If it weren't for the fact that people visit on different days of the week, Mineral Town would be almost like a ghost town now.

So anyway, I go to the Valley on Sundays and Rick follows me there. Can you believe that he and Kai have to sleep in the same room??? It has to be awful for Kai. All Rick does is tell every one how much he hates Kai! Kai has got to be the sweetest, most easy-going guy in the world. In fact, sometimes I think he's almost too sweet and easy-going because he's friendly to every one and that means all the girls too.

Last Sunday, it was raining in the Valley and that gave me a chance to corner Nami in the kitchen of the Inner Inn. I think Nami is the coolest girl ever. I wanted her to teach me how to be cool. After all, Takakura teaches me how to run a business on Sunday mornings. I thought maybe I could take a class from Nami on how to be cool like her.

I almost thought Nami was trying to avoid me though. It was impossible to find her until it rained that day... but you know what she told me? I couldn't believe it. She told me that she used to be just like me 'back in the day' and that all I had to do to become just like her was to BE MYSELF!
Can you believe it? That's so easy!!! So watch out world because Popuri is going to be the coolest girl ever one day!

Anyway, THAT rainy Sunday wasn't the worst day ever. It was TODAY that was the worst day ever for me.

It started out beautiful. Freya came to see me at the guest room of the Inner Inn at 6.00 a.m. as she does every Sunday to give me a chocolate bar. I absolutely LOVE chocs. We're becoming great friends because she never forgets to give me a chocolate on Sunday. That, and the beautiful weather, made me think it was going to be one of the best days ever.

I went to Takakura's house at after 8.00 a.m. as usual to learn about business. He tells every one now that I am a great student and that Chicken Li'l's is bound to be successful because of me. You can imagine how that makes me feel! Takakura isn't the sort of man who goes easy on any one just to be nice. He tells the truth... so there, Rick! You're going to have to start admitting that you were wrong about me, because I'm doing a good job with the business.

In fact, I have to be honest and say that Rick has said one or two good things about me recently. At the Duck Festival this year, he praised my work. He thought I did a good job of running THAT Festival. The Chicken Festival is coming up tomorrow. You'd think I had enough to worry about without having to go through the worst day of my life the day before the Festival!

It was such a lovely day that Takakura told me to take a break, get some fresh air outside. I thought I'd go up to the Waterfall and Goddess Pond. It is such a beautiful place, as pretty as our Goddess Spring in Mineral Town. All the girls from Mineral Town like to visit the waterfall when they come to the Valley. I usually don't get to spend much time there because of my classes with Takakura but today I was free to enjoy it.

I got up there and who should I find there but the two kids, Kate and Hugh. 'Goody!' I thought. I love to play with kids. In Mineral Town, I often make mud pies with May and Stu and we have wonderful games where I'm the Mum and I pretend that they're my kids. They love to play with me. They say I'm so good at make-believe that they almost forget I'm not a kid like them.

So I thought I'd have a great time with the Valley kids too. I was so excited. As soon as they saw me, though, they called me 'Old Lady!'. I told them I wasn't an old lady but they didn't listen. Both of them got into it, calling me 'Old Lady' over and over. The little boy even said, 'An old lady is an old lady after all.' I couldn't help it, I started to cry... and then I thought, why should I put up with this??? I told them I was going to leave and guess what? They didn't even try to stop me. They didn't even say they were sorry and they didn't try to stop me from crying OR leaving. So that was the first bad thing that happened in the worst day ever. It was 10.00 a.m. when that happened.

You'd think I'd need the rest of the day to pull myself together and recover from that horrid experience. I thought to myself that going to the beach would be the answer, that I'd find Kai there and he could console me and give me something sweet to eat. I love his shaved ices, especially on a hot day and it was growing warmer...

So I walked down to the beach to see Kai. I knew he'd be surprised to see me, because usually I don't have time to go to the beach on Sunday. Oh, he was surprised, all right! And so was I!
Guess what I found when I got to the beach? I found that little flirt Muffy with MY Kai, standing all cozy together by the water. He wasn't even behind his counter where he was supposed to be!

I couldn't believe it. I said, 'Ahh! Kai, what are you doing?!'

He replied: 'What? I'm just talking to Muffy.'

All innocence, Kai... but I knew better!

I cried: 'Liar! You two are acting way too friendly!'

Muffy muttered something about it being a terrible misunderstanding but I know what that little flirt is like! She's always batting her eyelashes at every boy in sight. She's had more boyfriends than we have chickens on our farm!

Well, she left in a hurry. She knew I wouldn't have let her off easy if she had stayed. I knew she had come to the beach just to see MY Kai and not because she wanted to order food from him either. Muffy's always on a 'diet' of one kind or another. She talks about it all the time, that and her make-up. People sometimes think I'm empty-headed but I'm not. I'm a serious businesswoman, I am! Not like Muffy who can't even mix a drink properly without Griffin's help. She 'works' at the Blue Bar, but I don't think she does much work. She certainly can't be trusted to mix the drinks. Griffin does all that. She just stands there looking helpless and pretty. Yes, she is pretty in her own way although she wears as much make-up as a clown. I can't see how Kai could be attracted to a girl like that.

So Muffy ran off as quickly as she could and what did Kai do then? Did he try to comfort ME?

No, he was totally thinking about Muffy.

He cried: 'Hey, wait...'

I was furious with the both of them.

'I'm not done talking!' I exclaimed and finally got his attention!

Kai, of course, acted as though he hadn't done anything wrong.

He protested: 'What? We were just having a friendly chat.'

Right! I'll believe that the day that Van drops a hundred pounds or Murrey turns up in a tuxedo.

All I could say was: 'W-Waah...'

For the second time, I was in tears. So much for finding comfort at the beach.

I couldn't bear another moment. It has been the most worst day of my life and I still have to get ready for the Chicken Festival tomorrow.

Back at the beach, I could hear Kai, still protesting: 'What? Jeeze!'

'My Most Worst Day Ever by Popuri' by Freyashawk
based on Popuri's Event at the Waterfall with Hugh and Kate on Sunday, 6 Summer at 10.00 a.m.
and Popuri's Event with Muffy and Kai at the Beach on Sunday, 6 Summer at at 11.20 a.m.