Friday, February 8, 2008

Keira's Event after Marriage by Natalie

The following story was written by an 11 year old Harvest Moon fan named Natalie. It is based on an event that will occur only if you marry Keira the Sleeping Beauty in the original 'boy' version of HM DS. In Natalie's game, her character was named Joshua. In Harvest Moon Cute, you can propose 'Best Friend' status to any of the Magical Girls instead of marrying a bachelor. I have yet to confirm this event, however, in HM Cute... but I would expect it to be included as it is an important event, giving the history of Keira.

Wow,my new life begins today! I just got married to my true love Joshua.

Today is Winter 27, the day after my birthday. Can you believe he proposed just in time to get married on my birthday as a surprise?

From the moment I met him, I knew he was the guy I would fall in love with.

I decided to take a stroll since Joshua was working. I thought I would go ahead and make some friends.

I started by the Villa. The family that lives there seemed awfully nice.
As I walked to the Villa, I became a little curious about the small Hut by the Villa. It looked so gray,dull and abandoned. I didn't want to go there today because today I wanted to make friends.

I came home at 9:00pm from meeting everybody and trying to communicate with them.
Joshua was a little mad with me but he told me he was only worried.

I woke up the next morning on a rainy Winter 28. Joshua wasn't home and that was odd because he always gives my favourite,Golden Lumber, every morning.

When I stepped outside, I saw him going to the Main Pathway. I guess he was done from work.

I hope he's not going out with anyone! Especially that flirt Muffy. She's very nice but I think she flirts with guys more than I try to communicate with the world!!!

I went ahead and followed him. He turned to the Villa! Lumina...that pretty girl lives there. I guess he's gonna flirt with her. Even though I can't talk I will show her!

When I reached the Villa gardens, I saw him. He wasn't going to the Villa at all. Instead, he opened the door to the Hut. I peeked through the window to see what was happening.
Some ugly haired girl was in there. I hope she's not flirting with him!

She was talking to him! It's time I make my move!

I barged in the door. Since I couldn't talk, I showed them a way to say what was going on.

'Oh hey! You're that Keria princess I sealed up LONG ago,' the girl said.
'Hey can't you talk? Boy,THATS convenient...I guess I will make you talk,' she said and spread some powder around me! I got to talk again at last!

'Hey you there, how do you know me???' I asked the mysterious girl.

'You don't remember?Anything?' she asked me.

'No,I don't,' I replied angrily

'You called me evil, brought everyone from your village and attacked my home!' she angrily explained. 'So to punish you, I sealed you in that cave. After a while, I planned to let you go, but I forgot, I'm sorry! I feel awful for this!'

I got very mad when she said that sarcastically! It seemed that she noticed my anger.

'Im sorry,' she apologised.

I thought of forgiving her. I had a reason I wanted to say, but also because her memory is worse than Muffy trying to memorize the ingredients Griffin tells her to!

'It's okay,' I said, forgiving her.

'What? How come?' she questioned me.

'If you hadn't sealed me up, I wouldn't have fallen in love with Joshua...' I explained.

I faced Joshua and gave him a small kiss. I knew the real reason was that thanks to her, I fell in love and got married.

Uh oh, I tried speaking! Well, it was nice hearing my voice again. I guess it was only for a while though.

' disgusting, Love is so yuck!' the girl said with revulsion.

After that we went home. Joshua explained she was the legendary Witch Princess. And..he explained he would never flirt when he was married and not for that, but he really loved me. He gave me a good night kiss and we went off to bed.
Story by Natalie, based on Keira's event with the Witch Princess after your character's marriage to Keira.

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