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Monster Pairings from Mars

Mars-Frog made a very amusing list of Monsters paired with Rune Factory characters. Here it is:

Monster Pairings:

Mist / Duck

Mist has two ducks in the game swimming in her pond all the time. What might seem a random choice at first is really one that makes sense. Ducks are silly creatures that enjoy talking a lot, singing funky songs while disco dancing, and make themselves at home wherever they want... very much like Mist herself (save the disco dancing). On a few occasions, Mist has managed to get them inside her house in order to play games, which worked out fine. However, when she tried taking them to the bathhouse, they caused quite a ruckus with the other ladies and Melody soon discovered her baths filled with dozens upon dozens of Ducks that came to join the party. This later resulted with Melody banning all monsters from entering the baths, but on the bright side Mist gained a whole flock of Ducks.

Stella / Ghost

There's been some strange happenings around town... like ghost sightings. So who ya gonna call? Stella! Why? Cuz it's her Ghost... that likes pulling pranks. Ghosts are timid by nature and can change their form at will to mimic everyday people, in this case a younger version of Stella. So the next time you see any strange little girls in town, you may in fact be subject to another prank by Stella’s Ghost. On another note, the long scythe the Ghost carries is helping for trimming the grass and trees around the graveyard.

Lara / Furpy

Lara loves her medicines... so what better companion than the Furpy? Though a bit vain in nature, the Furpy is a reliable partner that can hunt down herbs and grasses that are useful for making medicines. Its fur is a beautiful lavender that matches Lara’s dress, showing a strong bond in fashion.

Kanno / Tortas

Sometimes the old cane just doesn't do it and Kanno's back is ready to just cave in after a long walk on those mountain roads - enter the Tortas! A trusty, old companion that's been around since the age of the dinosaurs... when Kanno was born...

Candy / Fairy

After learning a devastating truth from her careless sister concerning the validity of the tooth fairy, Candy felt betrayed by the lies and gave up believing in all myths and legends. Kanno quickly set to fix this by getting a fairy (and by that I mean having ME get a fairy) to restore the little girl’s faith. After an awkward attempt at re-enacting the Tooth Fairy by trying to pull out a tooth and nearly getting swallowed, Candy’s faith was renewed (even though she knew it wasn’t the Tooth Fairy) and two bonded like Peanut Butter and Jelly. They now make an obnoxiously cute duo, which can make any dream come true with their talents in spirits and magic.

Cinnamon / Sealy

Cinnamon likes fish... nuff said (cuz talking’s “a pain”).

Note from Freyashawk here: You are close, Mars, but you should have chosen the 'Sky Fish'. In Cin's own words: That monster called the Sky Fish… I want to catch it someday. That’s my greatest goal.

Selphy / Gobble Box

A nice, charming, but incredibly lazy librarian that doesn't even bother with eating for days and lives in what can only be described as a “disaster zone”... Her issue? Books... which she's addicted to like drugs and almost never stops reading, no matter what... So what’s the solution? The Gobble Box! A handy, living box, which can magically store all kinds of things... like food... or books... All Selphy must do is throw in some money and it hops away over to Materia and returns within an hour with delicious sandwiches and rice balls. It's also handy for storing favorite books in and keeping them safe.

Turner / Tricky Muck

Two big, goofy, happy beings that can roll around on the ground (one literally does). Turner enjoys his food, and with the Tricky Muck on his side, he can easily obtain the rarest food ingredients to make his Inn a culinary success! The Tricky Muck also expresses a constant smile of goofy joy, helping to further lighten up the mood of the Sunshine Inn. It can also provide juices from its body, which make for an "interesting" drink... something Turner never passes on... Never mess with the Tricky Muck; however, as one cook who did disappeared...

Rita / Ignis & Glace

A proud cook in her own right, Rita has the professional help of an Ignis - the ultimate cooking machine. This little fiery beasty can provide heat that'll scramble eggs in seconds, turn corn into popcorn, and warm up an oven to any temperature one could need. An Ignis' place is in the kitchen. Its cousin, Glace, simply resides in large boxes where it refrigerates perishables with its freezing body temperature – a good way of avoiding a large electric bill with standard refrigerators.

Eunice / Wooly

Eunice appreciates the simple things in life - like flowers and knitting. She makes everyone swimsuits for the summer (even for dear old dad, who has some kind of swimsuit fetish) and sweaters for the winter. She can also repair clothing in a matter of seconds, thanks to her partner: the Wooly. There’s no finer or stronger material than the wool of Woolies. They’re docile monsters and very tolerant to humans, Eunice even uses her Wooly as a handy duster. It’s also handy for drying dishes and helping people get to sleep, and can even do math.

Note from Freyashawk: In Eunice's own words: You know about the monster ‘Wooly’? Their fur is like cotton candy and so fluffy. Oh! I don’t mean I want to eat the fur or anything!

Uzuki / Samurai

Uzuki, a kind shrine maiden that talks softly but carries a big stick, along with a loudmouth cricket. Her ideal partner is a rather obvious one - the Samurai, a monster that is likely native to her home country. Samurais can make for great sparring partners and can be a strong asset to one's training. They’re also good for chopping up wood, sushi, and cabbages. Of course Tsubute offers his own kind of training with Uzuki - the strict old school rules of the ancient diehards... which may be more challenging than defeating the Samurai...

Note from Freyashawk: There is only one problem with this, although the Samurai does resemble Tsubute. Uzuki does not like Monsters, curiously enough.

An Event with Uzuki:

Uzuki: Ah-ahhhhhh!!
Freyr: W-what happened?!
Uzuki: Something black and quick scuffled by my feet… Ahhhhh!
Tsubute: Milday! Please get a hold of yourself!
Uzuki: I-I hate black things that are quick and small!

In another dialogue:
Uzuki: I just do not like monsters…
Freyr: Then what about Tsubute?
Uzuki: Tsubute is… different. I’m not afraid of him..
Tsubute: What was that?!

Rosetta / Spring, Summer, & Autumn

Some girls love plants... Rosetta likes money... the Spring, Summer, and Autumn can provide both. With their cute, flower-like appearance, these three serve as Materia's mascots, drawing crowds with their lovely aroma while also providing Rosetta a steady supply of seeds for many different flowers and crops, as well as some lovely perfumes. They’re a must-have for any proud business owner in this field, unless the owner has allergies…

Danny / Slime

Danny is Selphy's rival for laziest person in Trampoli. In fact, Danny's house and "store" became so dirty from neglect that it attracted a Slime... which literally ate him out of business (though there wasn’t much to eat to begin with). However, instead of having it sent to the 1st Forest, Danny trained it to break rocks and bring him gold and silver to help with his financial crisis while he worked for Rosetta for minimum wages. The Slime is usually dependable when it comes to breaking down stone, but will also digest the ores within it from time to time unless it's very well trained... which isn't really the case here, as this Slime is as lazy as its owner and usually brings back scrap…

Ganesha / Hammer Troll

Ganesha is a hard worker as the town’s smith, constantly taking important orders from kingdoms all around for her fine weapons and more importantly – fixing Turner’s kitchen knife (a man’s gotta work, ya know). Her ally, the Hammer Troll, has become a vital asset to her business and life. With its super muscular arms, it can destroy rocks for ores, help forge heavy weapons, and stop Marco from running off into dungeons…

Marco / Micro Dragon

Every young boy who aspires to be a brave warrior needs a pet dragon! As long as he's responsible enough and able to keep it from burning down the house... The Micro Dragon, while seemingly more harmless than it's much larger cousin, the Mini Dragon, actually boasts more power - making it more difficult to tame despite its size... Of course, what mom doesn't know won’t hurt her, right? As long as he looks cute and small... where's the harm?

Lute / Chitter

Among the cutest creatures on earth, the Chitter looks good in ANY painting – making it the perfect model for artists like Lute. With famous pieces such as: The Mona Chitter, Starry Chitter, Chitter by the Lake, and perhaps the most famous: The Chitter, Lute and his squirrely companion became two of the biggest hits in the art community.

Melody / Little Wizard

Melody dreams of becoming an all-powerful wizard with the most unique bathhouse the world has ever seen. There can only be one monster for this quirky wizard-in-training: the masterful Little Wizard. Powerful in the ways of magic, it has own its dream – to simply grow taller so people will stop calling it “Little.” Together they train in the arts of magic, making progress and accidents – like turning the bath water into cement (was stuck in there awhile), or making the building itself invisible (much was seen on that day…).

Nolan / Minotaur King

With its royal blue fur, fierce axe, and loyalty to its owner, there is no better bodyguard and companion for a king than the mighty Minotaur King. It served Nolan quite well back in his small kingdom, but nowadays he simply has it cut wood for hot baths. There’s not much action for this beast anymore, but it remains as loyal and diligent as ever. It also enjoys having a drink or two, which gives it a very friendly appearance.

Bianca / Mammoo

Possibly the pickiest person in existence, Bianca would have only one monster, a Mammoo dubbed “Francoise”. Unfortunately, the two had to part ways after an incident (Francoise doesn’t know its own strength). There’s an old myth though, that “A Mammoo never forgets,” and a few years later that myth would gain some credibility when Francoise returned to Trampoli all grown up and seeking its owner.

Tabatha / Any Monster...

One of the biggest monster lovers in all the lands, Tabatha hopes to one day have monsters more accepted by all people in the world. She’d take any under her care…

Minerva / Hunter Wolf

On a mission to locate her sister, Minerva selected the best partner for the job - the Hunter Wolf. Acting as both a mount and guide, it didn't take very long for Minerva to find her sister, as the Hunter is second to none in finding its targets. A keen nose, above average intelligence, and great speed make it the top choice for hunting down anything or anyone.

Kross / Heracles

Kross the mysterious carpenter... His partner, the first one in many years, is able to match his strength with its proud horn and muscles. While Kross gathers lumber, this giant beetle smashes and moves giant boulders (which seem to show up every now and then somehow). Together, they can build extensions in the blink of an eye… Nobody really notices either...

Brodik / Mini Golem

A proud subscriber to "Golem Assembler Weekly", Brodik's partner of choice is none other than the great Mini Golem. He wanted a Mega Golem but the kits were sold out…

Anette / Blackbird

Anette races around like there's no tomorrow, but there are some places that can't be reached on foot. So what is a mail person to do? Use airmail of course! The Blackbird can fly around at great speeds, delivering mail and packages through the skies, and the best part is it works for crackers. The blackbird can also be taught words, although this trait has been very annoying for Anette, especially after Danny taught it the word “Midget”.

Erik / Ant

What's a monster every farmer should have? That's right - the Ant! Because there's no harder worker than the ant... whether its gathering crops, weeding, mowing, fertilizing... there's a reason they made ant farms ya know. While Erik may be a bit on the skittish side with monsters, he can appreciate one that eats turnips (among other crops…).

Iris Blanche & Iris Noire / Unico & Cone

Two mythical horses of legend – the Unico that’s as pale as the moon, and the Cone that’s as dark as night – there are no monsters more fitting for the mysterious ladies of an ancient tribe.


Mars Frog said...

Real women fishers hunt for Sealies... not wimpy Sky Fish. Of course Cinnamon would say that... just to spite me.

Eh, I figured Uzuki would grow up... eventually... Plus it's called a Samurai, which alone tells me that they probably exist in her home country as well and she's probably dealt with them. I mean, what other race of people would name a giant mantis "Samurai"? It's pretty clear they share Japanese heritage. It was probably a samurai that named the bug...

I based that Wooly off my own Sheep, Puffington (or Puff).

SingerGirl said...
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