Friday, September 11, 2009

A Player's version of the Introduction to Iris

A player wrote this version of the 1st meeting with Iris in Rune Factory Frontier. The actual transcript of the Event from my own game journal follows:

One night, when those Moondrop Flowers that had spontaneously appeared were in full bloom, I was watering the wildflowers that grew by the little pond next to my Tower of Rest. I was humming to myself. I thought I heard footsteps and didn’t think anything of it, as the only person who visits is Gelwein and he knows to wait and shut up while I’m watering my flowers. I stopped watering them for a moment and looked out at the town below the Island. “Um,” said the person behind me, who wasn’t Gelwein. I turned around to see whoever was kind enough to visit me. The person behind me couldn’t look any different than Gelwein! He was a kind-looking young man with shaggy brown hair and big blue eyes. I felt him looking me over, too. I could tell he lingered on my eyes, which are pretty strange, as one is red and one is green.
“Good evening!” I greeted him. I probably looked stunning, with the moonlight shining through my white clothes, and my short cape billowing around me.

“Uh, hi, I’m Raguna. I live below the Island,” he said.

“I’m Iris. I live right there,” I chirped., pointing at the Tower.

“Yeah, I’ve seen you out here before, but I couldn’t catch you.” He seemed slightly embarrassed at that.

“Did you plant those flowers?” I asked, pointing to the Moondrops.

“Yeah, how did you know?” Raguna replied.

“Who else would’ve? You’re one of the only people who come up here.”

He wasn’t paying attention enough to wonder about the other people who come up. I walked back into my Tower.

A few minutes later Raguna came up, too. “By the way, Iris, do you know how to open that gate farther in?” he asked, looking very puzzled.

“No, but I think it’ll open up eventually!” I said cheerily.

“OK, I’ll check it every time I come up to visit you,” he said absently. I could tell he was thinking about how to open the gate.

“You mean I’m the main reason for you’re visits?!” I almost shouted happily. A friend!

Raguna smiled, then left.

Submitted by 'Iris', Harvest Moon player

The actual text of this Event (from my own Game Journal) is as follows:

Freyr left the screen of the Whale Island Fin and returned immediately. It was 7.50 p.m.

When he reached the Tower, he experienced an Event. The moon was full, rising behind the tower and he saw a lovely but fey girl gazing at it. White moondrops everywhere, absolutely breathtaking.
‘Good evening’, the girl said.

Then: I didn’t expect a guest today. I’m sure today will be good then. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Iris.

Freyr: My name is Freyr and I came from Trampoli Village, below the island.

Iris: Freyr, is it? Nice to meet you. Please come visit me whenever you want.


Iris: Good evening, Freyr. It’s very warm today. How is your walk out at night? Are you enjoying it?

Freyr then spoke to her again.

Freyr: Speaking of which, what’s behind that locked gate, Iris? How do I open it?
Iris: I don’t know. I haven’t gone very far so I’m not sure.
Freyr: I thought so…
Iris; Oh, but there could be a chance that it could just open. That’s why you should just check up on it from time to time.
Freyr: I guess. I’ll go check it out whenever I come to visit you.
Iris: Oh, you. So you’re saying that I’m the main purpose of your visit?

When he continued to speak to her:

Iris: Thank you for coming. There’s nothing here, but please make yourself at home.
Freyr, are you still exploring the ruins? Pardon me for saying so, but you just don’t look very strong. Please be careful.

Iris lives in the Whale Island Tower of Rest. When Freyr explored the Tower later that evening, he found Iris upstairs painting.

(From Freyashawk's Game Journal, 1st Year in Rune Factory Frontier)

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