Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fishing Day by David H.

A very talented writer who enjoys Rune Factory has emailed me some excerpts from his game journals. He gave me permission to post some of the excerpts on this site. Here then is his 'Fishing Day' experience:

Despite it being Raguna's first chance to celebrate 'Fishing Day' he
nevertheless dutifully set about completing his farm chores first. Heading into
'Monster Shed II' he was greeted by his flock of four Woollys who, on seeing him
come in, all formed an orderly, if incredibly fuzzy, row four abreast like a
line of toy soldiers. One animal though was facing in the opposite direction to
the other three (obviously he's the rebellious one to keep an eye on). With a
gentleness that a US Marine Drill Sergeant simply wouldn't comprehend Raguna
went along the neatly assembled row of 'troops' brushing each animal in turn,
each Woolly then gambolling away happily after being brushed. Getting out his
wool clippers he then began to shear each in turn. With three shorn and only
one to go...the last Woolly decided he was Steve McQueen in the movie 'The Great
Escape'...(I'm sure the final animal was that 'rebellious' woolly I mentioned a
moment ago) and decided he
didn't want to be sheared that day and promptly led Raguna on a merry dance
around the monster shed for half an hour (Raguna time) before Raguna finally
manged to corner it near the fodder trough and clip it's fur! Feeling hassled,
Raguna then headed off to the beach and jetty/quayside for a spot of tranquil
and peaceful fishing, no doubt with Dr Edwards' words from the Wool Show
Festival ringing in his ears; "Some people think Woollys are cute, I'm not one
of them."

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