Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moonlit Eve with Tori in Rune Factory by David H.

Another entertaining and well-written excerpt from David H.'s Rune Factory game journal:

Tori: “It’s a beautiful night Mr. Raguna...So...romantic...You know, Mr.
Raguna...It’s nice to do things like this once in awhile...”
Raguna: “Yeah.”
Tori; “I’m happy you asked me out today, Mr. Raguna...Thank you...Um...Mr.
Raguna...Do you...um...you know...like me? Because I...well...I...I..have to
get back...”

Tori departed quickly leaving Raguna alone on the mountaintop. Tori’s LP total [which had only risen to 4 on Fall 16th] was now raised to 5.

Immediately after the date I took Raguna to the Inn to talk to Lady Ann on the
same night:

Lady Ann: “Say Raguna. Be honest with me. What do you think of Tori? Well now
you’re quite taken with her aren’t you? I know it’s not for me to say, but
she’s a real nice girl.”

The following day (Fall 18th) Raguna continued his daily routine with regard to
trying to win Tori’s heart and went to the library. There (as every weekday) he
chatted to Tori, gave her a strawberry and read a couple of books. Before he
left the library he also bought “Steam Cooking” and “Bake Me Tender” from
Russell - Tori’s LP total now was raised to 6 (which makes me think book-buying might raise Tori's LP).

I'm afraid I can't remember the exact pre-date/pre-6PM "You're too early"
dialogue, but it was something like: "Um...Mr. Raguna...You're too early, the
moon isn't out yet..."

Finally (and frivolously) I feel I should point out they are FRESH strawberries
grown in Fall/Autumn in Carmite Cave that Raguna has been lavishing on Tori (and
for that matter also on Melody...and Rosetta...and Lara too...now what was it
Lady Ann said about Lukas the 'poet'? Oh yes, a "plain old womaniser"...Raguna
had better watch his step too!)

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